There are MANY different types of photo booths… the camera on a tripod, the traditional “mall” style, the “soft-sided” canopy with curtains…  All of them are going to give you great photos.

The Big Happy Photo Booth is a mix of all of them.  It’s like the traditional photo booth, only BIGGER!  You get the excellent photo quality (we use a DSLR camera), combined with a rigid structure booth, that accommodates 6-8 adults.  (We’ve fit 11, but those were college students, and they didn’t mind getter REALLY close with each other!)  And of course there are plenty of props inside.  You get the REAL PHOTO BOOTH EXPERIENCE, all the silliness, plus you share it with more friends!

It’s a BIG 5×6 box full of HAPPINESS!

But if you do prefer the soft-sided style photo booth… not to worry.  We offer that as well.  The choice is up to you!

Brian Byers
Big Happy Photo Booth
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