I truly feel that it’s all about the WHOLE experience.  The anticipation while waiting in the line, listening to the laughter of the guests going before you, planning your poses, wondering if you’re going to put on a hat, or a wig even.  The attendant jokes with you, as you inch closer.  And then… it’s your turn!  You enter the booth, you draw the curtain.  You’re in your own little world now, no one can see you.  It’s time to get SILLY!  You and your friend(s) laughingly dig through the props before you, choosing the perfect mustache for the first pose, and trying to stage props for the other three poses.  OK, you’re ready.  Hit the start button, and the countdown begins.  10, 9, 8… SNAP!  The first photo’s done, and you have ten seconds to scramble, and assemble your next pose.  SNAP!  The giggling increases exponentially as you continue to put on those giant glasses, to put on that silly hat.  SNAP!  Oh, and then the last one is a serious pose.  You put all of the props down, look at each other, making sure you’re all in agreement of the pose… SNAP!

The excitement continues… you throw open the curtain and rush to the photo chute.  You feel even MORE anticipation than before!  You can’t wait to see the soon-to-be-infamous photo strips.  And here they come, sliding down the chute… you grab them and eagerly inspect each pose.  The laughter continues.  You show your friends.  There is now evidence that you do know how to HAVE FUN!

THIS is the whole photo booth experience!

Brian Byers
Big Happy Photo Booth
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