So you’ve got everything covered… the dress, the venue, the invitations, the catering, the photographer… HOLD ON, DON’T FORGET THE PHOTO BOOTH!

A photo booth is a perfect addition.  Sure, the hired photographer will capture some beautiful images of the guests, but these will usually be sitting around a table eating, or standing around talking.  Behind the curtain of a photo booth, they are different people… acting silly, wearing wigs, feather boas and mustaches.  It’s a sanctuary to HAVE FUN and LOOSEN UP!

When guests walk away from a reception, what they really have are memories.  Sure, some may take photos on their phones, but those may stay buried there for eternity.  A photo strip generally ends up posted on a refrigerator, or on a bulletin board at work, as a constant reminder of the special day, of the FUN they had!  Truly a long-lasting party favor.

Don’t forget the photo booth!

Brian Byers
Big Happy Photo Booth
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